Urology Arena 2015


Epidemiology and initial clinical presentation
Dr. Michael Straub, Munich, Germany

Imaging of Nephrolithiasis
PD Dr. Christoph Karlo, Zurich, Switzerland

Primary and conservative treatment of stones
Prof. Palle Osther, Fredericia, Denmark

Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy
Dr. Geert Tailly, Brasschaat, Belgium

PCNL: what do we learn from CROES
Prof. de la Rosette, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

PCNL: Mini, Midi, Micro and what’s next?
Prof. Dr. Udo Nagele, Tirol, Austria

Flexible URS: Lasers and Endoscopes
Prof. Olivier Traxer, Paris, France
Dr. Steeve Doizi, Paris, France

Flexible URS: Technique, Tips and Tricks
Dr. Guido Giusti, Milan, Italy