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Urology Arena 2016


The political perspective regarding quality assurance in medicine
Dr. Carlo Conti, Basel, Switzerland

Quality measurement in medicine: is this possible?
Dr. med. Christoph Bosshard, Berne, Switzerland

How do patients choose their surgeon?
Margrit Kessler, Zurich, Switzerland

Austrian cystectomy registry: what can we learn from our neighbours?
Prof. Stephan  Madersbacher, Vienna, Austria

How to build a registry and use it
PD Dr. Urs Müller, Zurich, Switzerland

AUA Quality (AQUA) registry: purpose and early experience
Prof. Matthew Cooperberg, San Francisco, USA

Implications for Urology training-programs and Continuing Medical Education (CME)
Prof. Hans-Peter Schmid, St. Gall, Switzerland

Quality control: an office-based urologist’s perspective
Dr. Stefano Regusci, Geneva, Switzerland